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Class Starts March 4th!


Black Sky

12 Week Group Hypnosis Transformation 


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"Change is hard... until you add Hypnosis."

~ Catherine Nicole ~

The reason we believe change is hard is because we rarely leverage our subconscious mind. The subconscious is where your fears, bad habits, and limiting beliefs live, so it makes sense that we need to access the subconscious to change them.

Hypnosis does exactly that.

It allows us to make sustainable changes much faster and easier. Change doesn't need to be hard.


This program will rewire your subconscious mind for more confidence, better habits, greater intuition, and more, so that you can begin to unlock your true potential. You will also learn invaluable tools for healing the wounds that have been holding you back from living your most fulfilled life. 

This program is for you if you: 

Want to become the best version of YOU

Have mental & emotional blocks holding you back


Want to build better habits


Want to create more PEACE & JOY in your life

Want to strengthen your intuition

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Hello Beautiful Soul!

I'm so glad you are here. I know first hand how difficult life as a *lightworker can be. We care so much for others that we often times forget to care for ourselves. Our desire to please heavily outweighs our desire to meet our own needs. We often struggle with low self-worth, unhealthy attachments, limiting beliefs, obsessive thoughts, worry & sadness.


These are just some examples of the things that can block you from unlocking your true potential.

You are here to shine...

I'm here to tell you that you can do or be anything you want. I created this program to help you peel back the layers of wounding & programming so that you can listen to your soul and become the happiest and most fulfilled version of yourself. You have a right to joy, peace, and full expression. And I know that everyone around you will benefit when you fully embrace your light. You are meant to shine, Lightwarrior.

Why this Program is Different

You've probably already experienced how difficult it is to make lasting, positive changes in your life. That's because we don't usually take into account our subconscious mind. But at 88% of your total mind, the subconscious basically runs your life. Trying to make lasting changes with the measly 12% of conscious willpower is like trying to drive with the emergency brake on... You're not going to get very far.

In these 12 weeks we are going to use Hypnosis for your transformation because it allows us to harmonize your subconscious mind with your conscious desires, making lasting change a whole lot easier.

You'll have lifetime access to the online modules & hypnosis recordings and can listen to them as often as you like. Some of the recordings are also designed to be versatile so that you can use them in multiple ways.

Get ready to:

  • Shed negative emotions

  • Create more inner peace

  • Grow Confidence

  • Release blocks

  • Strengthen intuition

  • Nurture self-love

  • Build healthier habits

  • Understand your emotions

  • Explore your purpose

  • Learn how to manifest your dreams

*Lightworker or LightWarrior​: Someone who has a strong desire to help or inspire others

Black Sky

"It may be dramatic to say I owe Catherine my life, however I can definitely credit my happiness towards her..."

    "For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an empathetic person, but I’ve held onto the pain and anger. I’ve allowed the hope and everything positive to be temporary and have taken all digressions against me to be more permanent. I picked up drinking as a coping mechanism more than 15 years ago and have always struggled to fight against it.

    After completing sessions of past life regression therapy with my spiritual life coach, Catherine, my family and I have noticed significant differences. The most visible difference is I no longer have a desire for alcohol. My life hasn’t become magically perfected overnight, but I've gone from drinking every night “as a way to relax” to treating alcohol like soda. I don’t really drink soda at all, but I'm not against having a sip every once in a while if people truly insist. I do not waste my money on it and I also have no commitment to finishing it if it doesn’t serve my purpose.

    Another difference is less body pains. My body isn’t completely healed, but I wouldn’t think that months would erase the decades of pain I’ve put my temple through. However, I’ve felt more capable and less resistance from my body for change. The pains in my shoulders have subsided. My back feels like it’s not against me anymore. I’ve been able to pick back up jogging, this time not as an obligation for weight loss, but as a time period to seek peace without distractions.

    The last difference I’ll note today is the unbelievable clarity I’ve gained since the sessions. There were many points in the sessions that I experienced pure joy. There were also a couple key times I was able to unlock the pure trauma. Unlocking the pure trauma and being able to have that emotional release with awareness was the catalyst for change. I believe that Catherine’s past life regression therapy has not only added years back onto my life, it has also allowed me to get back to enjoy the years I’m presently living in. It may be dramatic to say I owe Catherine my life, however I can definitely credit my happiness towards her and my family also appreciates the change in my mind, body, and soul."

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~ Damitri, Aries

—  Name, Title

Pink Marble

What's Included?

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12 Live Group Workshops
10 Online Course Modules
10 Live Group Intuitive Coaching Calls (VIP)

Weekly Hypnosis Recordings 
Weekly Journal Prompts
Private Facebook Group Support
Accountability Partnership
Weekly Challenge

Invaluable Healing Tools
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What's in the Course?


Learn about Hypnosis and why it is such a powerful tool for rewiring your beliefs & behaviors. We also explore the mechanics of change and how to achieve it using hypnosis tricks on your own.

The hypnosis recording this week will focus on motivation & creating your vision.


Strengthen your intuition and create more inner peace by learning how to meditate. Discover why intuition and meditation are such an important part of your healing journey.

This week's hypnosis recording will help you gain more personal awareness and help you to trust your intuition. We will connect with your own inner voice for guidance.


Go deep within to release stuck emotion and reconnect with your inner child. Most of our dysfunctional habits and beliefs are created in our youth. Shadow work allows us to heal those triggers so that we are no longer controlled by our past.

This week's hypnosis recording will connect you with your inner child to release the weight of the past and allow you to reach new heights.


All physical, mental & emotional issues have an energetic root cause. In this module you will learn how to clear your energy and heal your chakras in order to find balance in your life.

The hypnosis recording will walk you through chakra cleansing and energy healing processes and allow you to work on the areas of your life or body you most want to heal.

Gain valuable insight into your behavior patterns, your relationships, and much more. Past Life Regression can be incredibly healing. Many of our ailments & destructive patterns originated in past lives. Observing these origins helps us to integrate the cause with our conscious mind which often heals the pattern or ailment.

This week's hypnosis recording will take you on a journey to remember your past and heal your present.

Free yourself from unwanted emotions using the Emotional Freedom Technique. You will learn how to perform this technique for use in your daily life to help you claim back control of your emotions and help you to create more peace. You'll also learn about how your thoughts affect your emotions and the reality you create.

The hypnosis recording will help you release the emotions that are plaguing you, whether it's fear, shame, guilt, anger, sadness, or something else.


In this module we'll explore the relationship between self-love and confidence and discuss techniques for helping you to to fully embrace the magnificent individual that is you.


The hypnosis recording will further help you to believe in your worth and reinforce the fact that you deserve to be happy and fulfilled.


Learn how to hypnotize yourself to build healthier habits and beliefs. This technique is one that will allow you to utilize the power of hypnosis anytime you want.

This week's hypnosis recording will focus on cutting unhealthy ties and reclaiming your personal power.


Gain valuable insight into your purpose and explore the possibilities. We all have a mission in this life and that mission is as varied as our personalities. We can feel when we are on our path and we are not. This module will help you get clear on finding your true path in this life.

In the hypnosis recording you will meet your higher self to help you gain more wisdom on your life's purpose.


Understand the law of attraction and the

keys to manifestation. This module is extremely important if you are someone who wants to create your own reality. You'll learn exactly how manifestation works and how to do it.

This week's meditation guides you through the process of manifestation. You will add your own positive suggestions as learned in the Self Hypnosis module.

Ready to Shine?

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This is your time...

Registration starts January 9th, 2023

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