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Transformational Healing Circle 



Manifesting love starts with...

12 Week Transformational Healing Circle

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Manifest Divine Love
Become Magnetic
Grow your Confidence
Heal your Heart
Improve your Relationships

Manifesting love isn't about tactics or acting a certain way to find love. That never works... Attracting your divine counterpart or creating divine love within your relationship requires inner transformation, which will then be reflected in your external reality.

This healing circle is designed to help you become a magnet for Divine Love. We will do so by clearing limiting beliefs and emotions from your subconscious and healing your relationship patterns. This inner healing work will transform your confidence, your relationships, and your ability to attract the love you desire.

What's Included?

12 Group Sessions
Each session is 2 hours and includes a weekly teaching, group healing, and intuitive coaching.

Journal Prompts
Weekly journal prompts will help you to integrate the healing and gain the awareness needed to make more empowered choices.

Weekly challenges will help you step out of your comfort zone and hold yourself accountable to becoming the new YOU.

Private Facebook Group
Our private facebook group will be a place for you to connect with your peers, ask questions, and stay inspired and motivated.



Group calls are held on Tuesdays at 7pm EST / 4PM PST

The Nature of Reality
We will discuss how your personal reality is created and how this affects your love life. This healing session will focus on releasing limiting beliefs and deepening your relationship with the divine.

Letting Go 
We will talk about techniques for healing wounds and releasing your past attachments. The healing will focus on cord cutting, heart healing, and forgiveness.

Attachment Theory 
This week we'll discuss attachment styles and how they impact your relationships. The healing will center around healing anxious and avoidant attachment.

Heal your Energy 
We will discuss energetic practices that help you process your emotions and stay energetically clear. The healing will focus on clearing destructive habits when it comes to dating & relationships.

Feel your Worth 
This week will center around self love, self worth, and confidence. The healing session will help to remove programs & beliefs that are keeping you from feeling truly worthy of what you desire. 

Healing the Masculine 
We will discuss Masculine energy and how it affects our relationships. The healing session will focus on balancing your masculine energy.

Healing the Feminine 
We will discuss Feminine energy and how it affects our
relationships. The healing session will focus on balancing your feminine energy. 

Getting Clear 
This week we'll talk about boundaries and standards in dating & relationships. The healing will help to gain clarity around what you want and make it easier to say no to what you don't want.

Divine YOU
This week is about becoming the person you want to be. The healing will help to remove limitation and activate new possibilities. 

Manifesting LOVE 
This week is about active manifestation and how to accelerate your magnetism. The healing session will boost your manifesting abilities.

Inner Guidance 
We will discuss your guidance system and how to discern emotion from intuition. The healing will help to remove intuitive blocks and deepen your intuitive awareness.

Divine Dating 
This week we'll discuss how to recognize a divine counterpart and how to navigate dating. The healing will focus on reinforcing healthy behaviors in romantic relationships. 

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