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Heal with Me

My core mission is to help you unlock your true potential
to become the most authentic & intuitive version of yourself.
As a Hypnotherapist, Psychic Medium, and Spiritual Life Coach, I employ my tools and the help of spirit to help you release inner resistance & blocks.  Together we'll work to heal your energy and free your mind to open up unlimited possibilities.

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This optional call is available to you if you'd like discuss my offerings to determine which approach is most aligned with your healing journey.

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Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to make positive and sustainable changes in your life. It's incredibly effective because it enables us to rewire limiting beliefs, behaviors, and fears where they live: in the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy can help you feel happier, lose weight, create more success, release addiction, improve your relationships & more. Every session includes intuitive coaching & energy healing.

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Past Life Regression Therapy is a wonderful way to connect with your multidimensional self and release energies that may not have originated in your current lifetime.

In this session we will journey through childhood memories and past lives that are currently affecting you in order to heal limiting patterns and emotional blocks. We will also meet with your spirit guides to integrate and heal what is ready to be released. 


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This is an intensive hypnotherapy & coaching program customized to your individual needs and desires for transformation. This option is for you if you are looking for support and accountability on your healing journey. 

I combine hypnotherapy & intuitive coaching, as well as energy healing to help you reach your self-improvement goals. Whether the transformation you desire is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, I can help you get there.

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In this session we connect directly to your loved ones in spirit. Mediumship offers a bridge to the spirit world, showing you that life goes on after physical death. Your loved ones are always there to share comfort, healing messages, & so much love.

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This reading is a great option if you are seeking guidance, clarity, or healing in your life.

The Akashic Records is a spiritual realm where all of your soul's information is stored. I will access the records on your behalf and work with your guides & loved ones to share important insights to help you create the life you love.

Psychic Readings
Hypnosis Transformation
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