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Pink Flower

Dear Sister,

The woman you see today is not the girl I once was. It took me many years of trial and error to find a way through my pain and into feminine empowerment.

I was always the nice, quiet girl. The one who always said yes because she had a deep need for love and affection. The one who never said what she really thought out of fear of being rejected. I was the girl who took a back seat in my own life and let others take the wheel because I was too afraid to take charge. Nor would I have known what to do if I did.


When my boyfriend died tragically after my first year of college, I held onto the pain. I carried it with me as if my suffering would honor him in some way, even though I knew he would want me to be happy. I went on to finish college and work for years at a job I hated. Every day, I'd numb myself out with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to dampen my feelings of sadness, frustration, and loneliness.

My love life was a mess. Somehow I found myself in a long-term obsession with someone who pretty obviously did not care about me at all. But I wasn't able to accept that. I stayed firmly in my masculine energy, pursuing this man until I had no other choice but to admit defeat.

That was when I realized that it wasn't enough to love others. I had to find a way to love myself too. I didn't want to feel this way ever again. The agony of feeling unwanted and unloved was too much to bear.

And so, my journey of healing and self discovery began. I started reading books about personal development, energy healing, mindfulness, the power of intention, and the law of attraction. These teachings helped me understand that we don’t have to be ruled by our emotions and our pain. We can learn to heal by allowing ourselves to feel the feelings we've repressed for so long. Our unpleasant emotions are the roadmap to the emotional scars our soul wishes to heal.  We can use this map to uncover the root of our trauma and limiting beliefs so that we can release our negative relationship patterns. And as we heal our energy body, our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors shift to reflect more of our true nature. I want you to know that we can heal ourselves no matter what kind of emotional scars we have. If you are called on this journey of healing, it's because it is possible for you. At your core, you are a powerful, creative, intuitive, outspoken, playful, sensual, and confident woman. We only need to rewrite the subconscious programming that has created the illusion that you are not. And as you heal yourself, you also heal the world around you; your relationships, your career, your finances, and your life as a whole.

It it is from this healing process that my purpose became clear; to share the knowledge I’ve gained to guide women like you on your own transformational journey. 

I went on to attend the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California, where I learned many invaluable tools for healing such as; Hypnotherapy to help you harness the power of the subconscious mind, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to release unwanted emotion, E&P relationship principles to help you understand and improve your relationshipsPast Life Regression to better understand your journey, and the Law of Attraction to attain your desires. I also trained as a life coach with Coach Training World.

I have further trained as a psychic medium and intuitive healer, while also teaching others how to unlock their intuition and psychic gifts. I am a Theta Healing practitioner and Blue Star energy master. I work with my spirit team to help you release the patterns that are no longer serving you and bring in supportive energies to heal your life.


My training as a hypnotherapist and spiritual life coach still inform the work I do today as an energy healer. I incorporated energy healing in my work as a hypnotherapist until it became clear to me that energy healing alone can accomplish the same deeply profound healing of the subconscious as hypnotherapy, yet is even faster and more effective. Thanks to this magical modality, your healing journey will be accelerated. Energy Healing is the most powerful tool for transformation I have found. Nothing can really change in our lives until we heal our energy. And once we do, miracles are possible.

I've also discovered that Divine Feminine Energy is the key to true self realization for women. It is my sincere desire to help you embrace the transformative power of your feminine energy in order to truly unleash your divine potential.

I have never felt more free, more loving, and more empowered than I do today. I am no longer the nice, quiet girl in the corner. I am now the magnetic, feminine, and confident woman I previously had trouble imagining I could be. My relationships have improved and evolved into healthy, loving, and supportive connections due to the love and respect I have given myself. And my life is now mostly peaceful and fulfilling.

I now know that it is possible to release the pain and programming of the past and become fully empowered in Divine Love. ​It is my sincere wish for you to experience this wonderful transformation. 


I would be honored to be your guide.

Peace & Love,


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