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Catherine Nicole

Hey! I'm Cat.

Healer, Guide, and Self-Love advocate dedicated to helping you embody your

divine purpose.

You may be wondering what a Lightwarrior is...


It's someone who has a strong desire to contribute to making the world a better place. Someone who wants to help people. The only requirement is wanting to share your light with the world, whether it reaches millions or just a few. 

My mission is to help you heal mind, body, and soul so that you can find and follow your purpose freely and blissfully.  I'm here to help you learn how to live in your fullest expression, your most authentic self, without pain, fear, or anxiety holding you back. 

The truth is that you can do or be anything you desire. You can rewrite your story any way you wish. We are creators. As we begin to peel away the pain, programming, and limiting beliefs of the past, our true self emerges. A being that is loving and incredibly powerful. There are no limits to what you can create or achieve when you uncover your true nature.

I can help you.

Pink Marble
Lightwarrior Academy

12 Week Group Hypnosis Transformation

Unlock your True Potential.

March 13th - May 29th


Registration now open.

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