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Meet Cat
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Hey! I'm Cat.

Healer & Psychic Medium dedicated to helping you to unleash your soul's potential.

It is my mission to help souls like you embody your true potential by clearing the blocks that are holding you back. Our souls have a natural desire to heal and evolve. Whether you want to be healthy, successful, more confident, more creative, or just happier... We only need to remove the resistance that is stalling this upward momentum. Many of us never reach our potential because of the limiting subconscious beliefs and programs we carry. But as we begin to peel away the pain, programming, and limiting beliefs of the past, our true self emerges and we soar to new heights. You'll discover a being that is confident, intuitive, creative, healthy and fully and authentically YOU.

The truth is that you can do or be anything you desire. There are no limits to what you can create or achieve when you uncover your true nature.

I can help you.


The 10 Keys to Joy

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Foggy Lake

"Working with Catherine surpassed my expectations. I chose to work with her to support me while I was going through major life changes. I wanted to make lasting changes within me. I have grown and changed in a good way and I know the work we did together will continue to teach me. Catherine was an absolute professional and is a very gifted and perceptive person. She seemed to understand what I needed and always provided me the tools to help me make choices that supported my growth, wellbeing and happiness.
Catherine also helped me develop my relationship with my guides. I always knew I was surrounded by a spirit support team but didn't quite know how to connect or to trust my perceptions. I now have a relationship with my guides, protectors and angels that I am so grateful for. I highly recommend working with Catherine, it will be the gift that keeps on giving! Blessings!!!!"

Sophia Hartell, NY

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